Composing for many media including me

Composing for many media including me is a performance series since 2008.

For voice, experimental electronic sound, video

Composing… is site-specific, strange, danceable, dangerous, poetic, androgyne, continuous, howling, crawling, sparkling, a wishing well and I´ve forgotten what I wanted to say.

Composing for many media including me is a performance container, or if you want a performance series on the act of composing for the media text, sound, video, and myself. In Composing for many media including me I introduce the audience to over 10 years of artistic research work focusing on what I call intermedia composition: text, sound, movement and projected image are treated as equal materials. What came first? The chicken or the egg? Same here. Language is music, image and a virus. A virus arose, a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose…Image evokes movement, movement opens a space where sound can be heard, in form of words. A kind of cut up or the best of a whole life howling.


Sep 2022 – Sound Fisherwoman KLANGMANIFESTE @ Echoraum Vienna


Feb 2022 – Sound Fisherwoman Sonic Sound Space @ Galerie Zeitzone Berlin

Screenshot from the video Sound Fisherwoman


Oct 2020 – Spinning – Radical Sounds Latinamerica @ Radialsystem Berlin

Spinning – for Transducers over Cymbals, Moog Synthesizer, Pandeiro, Voice, Electronics and Video. Costume designer: Lisa Simpson

Spinning was specially developed for the festival Radical Sounds Latinamerica, supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

Oct 2019 – Karnevalsbedarf Composing 2019 II @ LaborSonor

Karnevalsbedarf, or carnival needs, is the most autobiographic of my performances until now. Refering to the actual situation in Brazil, I make a cutout on our diverse cultural background and try to position myself within it. It includes text and poetry by Mikail Bakhtin and Sophie Reyer.

LaborSonor @ KuLe Berlin Oct 2019
Frau Musica Nova @ Artheater Köln Nov 2019

May 2019 – Composing for many media including me @ Fluid Spaces

for voice, pandeiro, electronics and 4-channel loudspeaker-costume and video.
In this version of Composing for many media including me I started working together with upcycling artist Lisa Simpson aka Agente Costura and Wolfgang Musil to create a 4-channel „speaker-costume“.
It explores the power of imaginating sound, for example, when triggered by the act of reading.

Fluid Spaces @ Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin, 05.2019

Jun 2014 – Can´t Stop The Moonsic

Velak Export @ Les Ateliers Claus, 06.2014
For this one I am playing a mini-synthesizer through a mini-loudspeakers-set and through my loudspeaker-glasses, interacting with the PA sound and also with the video projection. At the same time, I speak a kind of a self reflective text about the existence or not of a central role within the performance.
Video footage/edition: Ulrike Bernhard/Laura Mello

Nov 2011 – Sailing On The News

@ Echoraum, Wien, 2012

a parody performance on news and scienctific approaches
for speaker, 4 channel audio and live skype chat

Dec 2011 – The Psychology of Dress

@ Alte Schmiede, Vienna

Text: Thea Rasch (first german aviator)
Piano, voice, lloopp, composition: Laura Mello
Klangregie, live electronics: Wolfgang Musil

Jul 2011 – Piano Body Logic Visual

@ Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben Berlin

… or the voice is a person in sound.

I play the chords following Martin Luther King´s voice and its melody. The loudspeaker-googles play my voice speaking a text about the relation between body and voice, I use Ppooll for live-electronics.

Performance (excerpt) at Platform Young Performance Artists

Performance, composition, ppooll: Laura Mello
With a text from Martin Luther King´s speech in 1968

Thanks to Janine Eisenächer and Performer Stammtisch

December 2010 – Piano Body Logic Visual

Performance Stammtisch @ Kule Berlin

Mai 2009 – When Will We Be Together

@ Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin – Grand Prix D´Amour

Nov 2010 @ Wachelturm Zürich

Feb 2009 – Composing for many media including me – Fugue and Counterpoint

@ Sophiensaele, Berlin – 100° Berlin Festival

Nov 2010 @ Kaskadenkondensator Basel

Oct 2008 @ Brut im Konzerthaus WienVelak Gala